Monday, April 27, 2009

Bali Day 2 - Spa and Warisan

Ok, here´s to continue our Bali trip! The second day, we decided to take it free and easy.

After sleeping in, we took a cab to Ganesha restaurant in Jimbaran Bay for grilled seafood....

The Balinese-styled seafood was superb! This place is usually more popular in the evenings for the sunsets, however we were not picky, so lunch did it for us.

You can click on the collages for a larger view. The collages are meant to speed up download time.

Some snapshots of the streets of Bali and the Ganesha restaurant where we lunched (Click for a larger view)
We had chilli crab, grilled prawns and fish - Balinese style. Loved that it always came with garlic, chilli, lemon sauces..... Gosh, looking at the food makes me hungry now!

Some snapshots of the beach. After lunch, we just walked around - which was scorching hot, before proceeding to our Spa! The taxi-driver simply waited for us while we ate!
Our first experience of Spa in Bali. It was pretty nice, however our second Spa experience later was MUCH nicer. Cantik Bali is owned by a Japanese, so I guess it would appeal to Jap tourists. The massage was not bad, but our backs were hardly massaged - which is my fave body part to be massaged! The bathroom where we showered was coming apart so that really destroyed our spa experience. I actually didn´t want to go back there because of the toilets! Nevertheless, we were both so relaxed and happy after our 3-hr oil, body massage for only US$25! So cheap eh....Ahhh....

The beautiful interior design of Warisan Restaurant. This was our first gastronomical experience in Bali. People really dressed up here! Black dresses, shiny tops for women, smart, casual wear for the males. Its a French restaurant owned by a French chef.

Unfortunately, we were still dressed in our beach wear. However that did not stop us from indulging in all the delicious food here!
For starters: (Pris)- grilled scallops and prawns & (Stephan) -Les Escargots
Main course: (Pris) - Roasted Alaska Black Cod Fillet & (Stephan) - Pan Roasted Black Angus Tenderloin
Dessert: (Pris) - Mango and Passion Fruit sherbet & (Stephan) - La Crème Bruleé
Yup, that marks the end of our second day. As I said, our Bali trip was nothing but indulgence! This should make anyone want to GO TO BALI! The standard of living you can afford there, the culinary treats, spa indulgences, is something that can get so addictive!


lilacdropsofdew said...

the seafood looks sooooooo good! you both know how to enjoy life gal, glad you had a relaxing hol with your hubby! :) andrea

Cory said...

Nice pixs! Esp the first one of you wearning a flower on the head! So sexy and sweet. :-P
I almost wanted to go Bali next weekend! But I feel guilty, will stay in Singapore to celebrate Mummy's Day...:-P
take care,

Pris said...

Dear Andrea! :)
Thanks for tagging! The seafood WAS really good! I feel so hungry these days as I feel that my cooking skills have deteriorated after 1 mth of not cooking. Are u planning a hol. wif Shawn soon?

Pris said...

Dear Cory! :)
Thanks for your compliments! :) You brought a smile to my face! OH, yah it is Mummy´s Day. Yah, you made the right decision to celebrate it with your Mom! Do cherish it! I still feel a tinge of sadness everytime I think of the many Mummy´s Day I don´t get to wish my Mum well.
Luv Pris

Cory said...

Hi Pris,
I'm sure your mum in heaven is smiling at you right now for having such a great daughter.
Take care and love,

Pris said...

Dear Cory, aww... that´s so sweet of you. I don´t really think much about it and "Mother´s Day" not that big a thing in Germany as it in Singapore. So that´s quite ok. :)


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