Saturday, March 21, 2009

What I´ve been reading

I´ve been reading the above book over the past few months. This is such a spiritually-challenging book, written none other by Charles Colson, an ex-personal aid to the former U.S. President, Nixon. He got caught up in the Watergate scandal and had to go to jail for it.

He started the "Prison Fellowship" after his release from jail and is now influencing more people for the better than he ever was able to do so, in his previous high-flying position in the White House.

Strongly recommend this book to any of you who are keen to be challenged in your walk with God. Billy Graham himself said "This book is one of the most spiritually satisfying books that I´ve ever read"...... Will post some of my comments when I´m finally done with this book. Its hard to read the entire book in one setting, because the language is that of an over-qualified lawyer, so his vocabulary and jargon are like "out of this world", the content itself requires one to think, reflect, meditate etc.... I myself am challenged to think if the "mandatory death penalty" that exist in Singapore and the U.S. are really Biblical principals?


lilacdropsofdew said...

pris, was that book a gift from Jen? Because I have the same book from her :) haa haa. I'm jealous you're going back to sunny-land, please do enjoy yourself and catch up with everyone! Thought of stopping by Shanghai?? :) andrea

Pris said...

Hi dear Andrea! :) You are so observant! Yah! That book was from Jen. Have you read your book? We´re feeling the pinch of not being to meet up with you and Shawn during our trip to singapore this time round. :( I would so wish I could pop by Shanghai, but we don´t have that many holidays! We can co-ordinate going back to Sg the next time round?


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