Monday, March 23, 2009

6 more days to go....

Oh boy! We´re so excited! Less than one more week to sunshine, humidity, family, friends, food,.... HOLIDAY!

I went swimming today and realized that it would be the last time I go swimming before Singapore! :) OH and we got good news to share!

I wrote a brief post about some office politics, which I subsequently took down because I felt that it wasn´t very good to share something that was still "dangling" in suspense.

Anyway, Stephan finally had the long-awaited talk with his boss today about some irregularities in his pay check. After an hour-long intense negotiation with his boss, his boss finally gave in and he is going to get paid what he deserves!

Oh boy! That comes in so handy for us! Having said that, I´m still awaiting money from my school, which owes me transport expenses dating from October last year! Normally the money is cashed out within 2 weeks, but somehow due to red tape, confusion and bureaucracy, I´ve handed in my transport expense forms like 3 times now!

We really thank God that the whole week of suspense is finally over! It has been a time when we both really had to learn to wait, trust and just wait. With that, we trust that all my transport expenses from the school will be duely paid me soon.

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