Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do you want anything from Germany?

I´m down to my last 1.5weeks before leaving Germany and things are beginning to get hectic. Is there anybody who wants anything from Germany? Please let me know asap, so that I can get them...next week´s going to be even more hectic than this week, all the more I´m soooo looking forward to Singapore.

As a matter of fact, I would have worked 30 hours overtime this month and this would have been so great for my salary,if its not for the fact that I accumulated more than 40 negative hours over the previous months.... :( Anyway, I can just console myself that when this month is over, I would be down to less than 20 negative hours....


Grace said...

Hi Pris,

If it is convenient, you may like to get for your dad the wine gums. Please also let us know yr flight arrival details.

NT said...

Fruity gums and the home make fruity jams by Anita if possible..

Pris said...

Hi dear Grace and Dad! :)
Funny how both of you said the same thing at the same time! I´ve already bought the fruity gums for Dad and some sausages for you Grace. Will ask Anita if she still has any more homemade jams....Any other wishes? Will send my flight details to you all! :)


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