Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Singapore must-have delicacies

Had my first taste of chilli crabs today - after 1 year! Boy, this is THE dish to try when one is in Singapore. The thick, spicy and tangery sauce together with toasted buns is like out-of-this-world. We went to the one near our house and it was pretty good! This dish isn´t hard to replicate, but its hard to get large, Sri Lankan crabs in Europe - and even if its available, it´d probably cost a bomb. So yeah! I shall eat to my heart´s content!
The above is fried "you tiao" served with cuttlefish inside. Usually served with mayo, this is a favourite among locals and foreigners alike - by foreigners I mean my dear hubby.
That´s chinese vegetables (Kai Lan) served with fresh fish. Just an all-time favourite in my family.

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