Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We had our first futile attempt to overcome jet-lag.

12midnight - Went to bed. Was so happy, thought that the entire jet-lag eluded us this time round.

3.45am - Both woke up somehow and found it so difficult to fall back asleep again.

5am - Finally slept again.

7.30am - Woke up to go for breakfast with Dad, for really nice Singaporean breakfast at the hawker centre - Fried carrot cake, Minced pork noodles. Poor Stephan didn´t manage to get his "western breakfast".

9am - Got back and decided to take a "nap". Ended up sleeping until 4.30pm!!!!!

So now, we´re trying to figure out what to do so that the entire day isn´t wasted! Tomorrow, I shall endeavour to get out of the house, "dead or alive" for my first Lasik appt at 9am, hair-dresser´s appt at 2pm and cell group in the evening.


Steph said...

Hey glad you both arrived in one piece ! Don't be so hard on yourself lah, holiays for relaxing mah. There's also Mustafa centre opened 24hrs if still jet lagged heh heh;)

Pris said...

Thanks Steph! :) We´re trying to relax actually. However, we only have 2 weekends in Singapore this time round and it feels very difficult to meet ppl! Most ppl only have time on weekends. How did you arrange the meetups when you were in Sg?


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