Monday, March 30, 2009

We´re in Singapore....

Just a short note to say that both of us have arrived safely in Singapore. Dear Dad picked us up at the airport and the flight was faster than expected. We were however superbly tired, because our train journey to Munich from Stuttgart took longer than expected. We took 3.5 hrs to Munich, instead of the usual 1.5hrs to Frankfurt. Mental note to self: No more flights from Munich anymore. The service on Lufthansa was really cool and I must say that the German airstewardesses are pretty good-looking! Our first meal in Singapore was at Sushi Tei (same as last time...) hee.... We´re still reeling in the fact that meals in Singapore are WAY-cheaper than in Germany. We ordered to our hearts content and paid 35€ for 3 people, compared to usual 40€ min for 2 people in Germany......Pix above right: That´s grilled scallops with mayo and cream.....Now, time to get in touch with people....pls drop me an email or smth, if you want to meet up ok?


Werner said...

Hallo liebe Schwiegertochter,
wir freuen uns, dass ihr gut angekommen seid. Lasst euch Alles schmecken und habt eine schöne Zeit
Liebe Grüße
Anita und Werner

Pris said...

Hallo lieber Schwiegervater,
Danke für deine Nachtricht! :) Wir haben den ganzen Tag geschlafen!
Pris u. Stephan


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