Monday, March 16, 2009

Homecooked food without the fuss

Left: Roses that the hub bought for me!
Lately, I´ve been experimenting with ways and means to cook without being at home. I´m that lazy sometimes... It´s possible! Soups, stews, all the healthy Chinese food are the best. Today for example, I put something on the stove, went swimming, came back 3 hours later to a nice, warm homecooked meal!

Oh, one question. For those who read my blog for food ideas, should I post my recipes? Thing is, most of recipes are soft copies, however I figured out that if people really want the recipes, they can drop me a note and I can send it to I would rather save space and time... Feedback? Food lovers out there....

Oh boy! Hubby cooked the above meal by himself! He did me SO proud! Beef steak, with steak sauce, potatoes and salad. It was nice, beef a bit tough but for a first try, it was superb! I´m looking forward to the day when I just eat and don´t have to cook!

Germany has awesome bread, so a great healthy meal would be just fresh bread with whatever you like on it and salad!

Ok, what´s that funny-looking thing? Its chicken seasoned with chinese herbs and wrapped with aluminium foil, steamed over low heat for 2 hours

The end result....ok, it doesn´t look very appetizing, but it tasted awesome! Hubby loved it too! Isn´t God amazing? We prayed that he would be able to take Chinesey stuff!

As usual, we had chinese food with western salad...just easier to prepare and fuss free..... This meal took me like only 10mins in total to prepare and the steaming was done when I was swimming..... All you busy moms out there....go get those herbal stuff, healthy and fussfree....

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