Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My 26th high-tea birthday celebrations!

I turned 26 on the 16th of Dec. Thanks a lot for all your well wishes, via sms, facebook, email, cards etc. Really appreciate them a lot! Makes me feel so loved! :)

Well, this year I threw a high tea celebration on Sunday. I realized only later that its considered "bad luck" to celebrate your birthday in advance. Well, since I´m not superstitious, it didn´t bother me much, except that ppl who came for my bday on Sunday (the Germans) didn´t wish me happy birthday! They just said that its not bday yet, so they were not supposed to wish me happy bday. That´s ok! Its the thought that counts. :) This was the first time that I made almost everything by myself! Other than some food from my in-laws and a friend of mine, all the other stuff was made by myself!

Right: Miri and I. She´s got another 2 more mths in Germany before moving back to Bolivia to get married! I was so happy that the Singaporeans enjoyed the food too! Boy, in my excitement abt the party, I didn´t manage to snap photos of the food before ppl started eating! So yah, only photos of half-eaten food.....All in all, we had Singapore curry puffs (with potatoes, chicken and egg), grilled prawns skewers, mixed berry muffins, konnyaku jelly, cheesecake, apple cake, tiramisu, sushi, cheese crackers with fresh cheese mix, brownies etc. My guests were stuffed! I for one, realized that I really like the idea of high tea! You meet up with people earlier, there´s no need for carbohydrates, you get to eat everything in bite-sized pieces and you get to still spend a quiet evening before a Monday morn! This was also the first time that I tried to incorporate western and Asian stuff. So happy that my friends are "exotic" enough, to enjoy an exotic mix of food! No photos of the curry puff though!

My favourite! Grilled garlic prawns with mushrooms and red pepper

My second favourite: Cheesecake with raspberries

The lovely Singaporean girls bunch!

German connection. They are not-very-German Germans


Sabrina said...

Hey sis,

so sorry that I didn't manage to call but have been madly busy. Am sure I'll be working overtime tonight (although my friend has her leaving party as she is moving back to Munich for good). Stayed up til nearly midnight last night wrapping presents and packing and got 'disturbed' all the time with people calling.

Will give you a big hug instead on Sunday when I see you. Also spent quite some time wrapping up your pressies, so you can't blame me too much! Glad that you had a lovely party though. And it made me laugh actually as the English celebrate birthdays before their actual birthday as well. And you get to hear 'happy birthday for next Monday' and stuff like that. My friends have now come round the idea that I'm only celebrating my birthday before if it is the evening before and we are actually celebrating into my birthday. Ah well, andere Laender, andere Sitten... :)

Not long to go now... :) Although feels like an eternity as not having a great day at work today!

See you Sunday,

jie jie

Priscilla Tews said...

Dear Jie Jie! :)
You´re coming tomorrow! SOOOO cool! We´ve got your presents done too! Ok, so they are not all wrapped up yet, but they will be! - in time for Christmas! Can´t wait to hug you!!!! Will talk more when we meet! We´re going to have such a lovely Christmas time together! Esp. with our special guest, whom you´ve managed to get to know better too, eh?

Priviledged Dad said...

Hello, my 26 year... OLD... child.. hee..hee..

Met up with my former colleague yesterday and she was so amazed to note that my kids are so..grown up..Always keep saying...wow..you could retire very soon...

She is a year older than me and is toiling with a 9 year old son...She acknowledged that she has a long way to go.......

Well, we have our ups and downs..and on the farsight.. if I could turn back the clock, I think, I do not mind having kids at a young age..ha..ha...

Priscilla Tews said...

Hey my 50-year OLD Dad, as mentioned before, I don`t wish to discuss the whole issue about when to have kids anymore. Don`t like children in general......


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