Saturday, December 13, 2008

German Goose

A Singaporean friend of mine celebrated her birthday 1 day before I celebrated mine. She belongs the "Singaporean moms with children" category, but I would say that she´s probably one of the most modern one. Don´t mean to point fingers, but there are some stay-home-moms whom I have no idea what or how to talk to them. Its like somehow the common topics are missing. Not that they are not nice, but its just that we seem to be on different wavelengths. Which is why I´m so thankful for the Sg couple bunch that I have, cos we´re on similar wavelengths and it makes it so much easier when there are common topics of interest to talk work and food hahah....

Anyways, the bday girl invited us to eat a German speciality for this time of the year - goose with red cabbage and some potato starch thing.....dunno how to translate properly but in German its "Ganse mit Rotkohl und Kuddeln". The food was SUPERB! It came with soup too, which I loved! I´m quite particular about soup, since I don´t like "artificial powdered soup". But the soup they served there was awesome. This place is so popular that its constantly full and one has to book the restaurant at least 2 mths in advance to get a table. Well, the restaurant is not opened the entire year either, its like a seasonal restaurant.

The meat was juicy, sauce awesome and for one who doesn´t like red cabbage, I ate it all up! Oh, I did scrap out the thick layer of fat under the skin though

Where you go for superb goose
- Höhenstraße 1, 70736 Fellbach

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