Friday, December 12, 2008

Birthday treat by Ms Smeets

Becky treated me prior to my birthday. I got to know her from German school and we´ve been staying in touch ever since. We decided to try out this seafood place called "Gosch" at Stuttgart Stadtmitte, directly on top of the train station. It was really yummy, although I would say that the Spanish restaurant would have been more price-worthy. It was worth a try nevertheless and I would go back there if I want to celebrate something special and am in the city centre. Be prepared to spend at least 20€ there though.

I took the "Fisch platter" - fish plate which consisted of a mixture of different types of fish, like salmon, prawns, trout etc. The accompanying sauce was awesome!

It came with a choice of side-dish, to which I ordered Thai noodle - v. yummy!
We went off to do some shopping together later on. It was a great time when we just talked about work, work politics, our Christmas plans, how they´re doing in Germany etc. Both Becky and her husband are foreigners too - she´s American and he´s Dutch. Amazing how much we notice about the people here! But then again, every group of people would have their own quirks. I may still voice my complains every now and then, but am learning to appreciate the differences, rather than to be frustrated about them. Actually, when I take a closer look at Singaporeans, sometimes Singaporeans are more similar to Germans than I would like to think. Eg. the whole thing about being opininated about others and just wanting to force your opinion down the throats of others. I used to think that it was a German thing, but smth that happened recently made me realize that Singaporeans are just the same!

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