Sunday, February 25, 2007

1st party ever!

Sunday 25th Feb 2007 - we hosted our first-ever party. It was a house-warming, cum 1st year anniversary, cum thank you party. (talk abt cheapskate hahha) There were quite a number of people who helped us with our wedding and especially to settle into our new apartment. There was so much done, eg. the moving of furniture, the borrowing of truck to transport bulky furniture, buying our dishwasher, fridge - we got a special discount, cos this Spanish guy works for Bosch etc.

We had no idea that a party would be so much work! Thank God we had the help of my in-laws! In Singapore, its always so simple, just order food and everybody can come, get food and stand around and eat. A European dinner is more complicated though. People normally cook since catering is costwise unjustfiable unless there´s really a lot of people and there should be enough tables and chairs for everybody to sit down and eat. Hence, I cooked a meal with my mother-in-law Anita - this dish called "Stunden Fleisch", which is a sumptious mixture of pork slices, with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, red pepper etc. I cooked chinese fried rice too for the vegetarians and to my surprise, it was almost all eaten up! We also prepared desserts, me - almond jelly and lychees, Anita - tiramisu. Yum yum! Geli brought an appetizer, noodle salad. In total, we had a 4 course meal actually! Everything is DIY. Stephan and Werner had to set up the tables and chairs, we borrowed an extra bench, chairs and utensils from my in-laws and we also had some candle decorations to match our blue theme for the night.

It was great company, we had about 18 ppl in total, had a lovely talk over dinner, showed some wedding photos to those who had not seen them and watched the wedding DVD. Very very lovely time, but I was so thankful when it was over too, cos I didn´t feel very good, the remnants of the headache from my Heidelberg driving and all. But now that we know how it all goes, we would like to have more parties at our place again!
The Do-It-Yourself parties in Germany:

The pot kept warmed in layers of thick blankets!

The study room totally cleared to make space for the food

Our living room transformed into an eating area with space for 18 ppl

Our self-made candle deco with decorative sand. Our presents for the dinner


Sabrina said...

And I missed another party! You know how to make me homesick! ;) Glad that you had a good time. Did you get my text? If not - again all the best wishes for your wedding anniversary and many, many more to come!

Love you lots,

jie jie

Beau Lotus said...

Happy Wedding Aniversary!!! And also that's quite a party, 18 invitees and all :-).

What do you say that we meet at 12:45pm in front of the Galeria Kaufhof at Eberhardstrasse (near Rotebuteplatz) on Wed? There's an Indian restaurant there that does buffets, I've never eaten there so we could try it together.

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi dear Jie Jie! =) Thanks for your well wishes! Unfortunately, I didn´t get your text though! What´s yr hp number? Then I can text u and hopefully it gets through! Did u add a "+49" in front? Heard u went to Munich! So cool! I also want to go! Miss u.

Priscilla Tews said...

Hey serene! How r u? WE should meet up again! =) Let me know ok? Had a gr8 time meeting up with you the last time.


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