Saturday, February 24, 2007

1st year Anniversary- THANK YOU GOD!

Last Sunday was my beanie and mine´s 1st year anniversary. Wow, it feels so fast! But at the same time, I can still remember how we had our fair share of rocky patches in our marriage, especially in the first few months too. Thank God really for His faithfulness and grace to see us through the 1st year of marriage, that brought us through 7 months of Stephan being in Singapore, 5 months of DTS, my relocation of 6 months in Germany (already!). Thinking back, it really has been a year of changes and more changes. So so thankful that God is still helping us keep the flame of love for Him and each other alive.

We would definitely have gone for a weekend getaway to Bali or Thailand if we were in Singapore. But since we were in Germany, we decided to go for a road trip to my favourite city in Germany - Heidelberg! I made a photo album with my summer trip there and boy do I love that place or what? I think its the little things that makes Heidelberg so beautiful. For eg. the tourists there - makes me feel more at home, the english language - written on menu cards in restaurants, yup that´s smth that is not available in restaurants here too, or just the feel of being near to the river. We climbed the castle to the open space on top and got a bird´s eye view of the entire city. Basically spent the day there, enjoying nature, going for Starbucks, going window-linking along the shopping street and ending off with a nice dinner at a Thai Restaurant.

And yah, this trip also marked the first time that I drove all the way from Heidelberg back to Stuttgart, that´s about 150km (I think). It was so cool, I drove as fast as 140km/h at some points
, (there´s no speed limit at some parts of the highway). It was really good to practise and get some confidence to drive, though I need to admit that the high speed limit is something that I´m totally not used to. I think I´m much better driving on the right side of the road compared to the left already. Got a mega headache when I came home due to the 1 over hour of driving and pure concentration on the road.


Sharon said...

HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY! I thought it was sometime last weekend but wasn't so sure lah! Glad you had a nice day out in Hidelberg. And well done with all that driving. It certainly takes getting used to driving long distances and at high speeds. :)
God's love & blessings to both of you as you journey through another year together. Take care! Sx

Priscilla Tews said...

hi dear sharon! Thanks for yr wishes! how haf u been? haven´t been goin to sg brides for a while. You still helping out with your church parish? When do u think u´d b making a trip back to Singapore? I enjoy driving, though its abt stress sometimes. Thanks for your ecard btw! Sorry, forgot to reply. And happy CNY! GOd bless!

Steph said...

HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY ! Sounds like such a nice romantic roadtrip to Heildeberg ! and wah got Starbucks there ah ! So envious cos none here in the S.France. Withdrawl symptoms for Green tea frapuccinos !
God Bless your love and marriage !

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi dear Steph! Thanks for your well wishes! Long way to go! Ha, but I´m enjoying every step of the journey. =) Hey, the starbucks here no greentea frappucino leh. Only the normal stuff. But I´m not complaining, got starbucks in Stuttgart too!


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