Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Life after integration course

My integration course finally ended last Wednesday. Am super happy! Finally my life in Berlitz is OVER! Woo-hoo! And did I just say Woot! Yeah! I´m just so happy that I managed to finish my past 4 months in this school. It hasn´t been the most pleasant time, but I´m grateful that God really helped me to pull through my time - toughest time at first with the whole administration problem (can refer to my earlier blog entries). I eventually settled into school while swallowing all the crap treatment and simply lifting up all my frustrations about the school to God. Anyways, we ended off with an Orientation test about Germany, which I got a good grade for and also a pizza party. And somehow the last day of school somehow didn´t end off any better than it started!

What happened was this: Apparently there is some office politics (dislike for each other?) between the 2 teachers who taught us, which explains their lack of communication. Monday - we planned the party with teacher 1, I organised stuff. Tues - I was sick, wasn´t in school. Wed - day of party, when teacher 2 had no idea about party. My classmates looked for me to talk to teacher 2. I clarified with teacher 2 that we had already discussed it with teacher 1 and were under the impression that teacher 1 would have informed teacher 2 about it. Apparently that never happened. Teacher 2 took the opportunity to give me a earfull about my "bad organising skills" even though I had absolute no role to play in it, since I wasn´t even in school on Tues! She even sarcastically told me that in the future my husband (stephan) should plan the party instead, since he did such a good job for the party we had at Christmas?!? Like hello, I was the one who organised the Christmas party?!?

Oh well, never mind. To top it off, she gave 5 extra points (for the test we took) to this guy who helped the class to buy pizza for the party. We all paid abit of money and this guy bought the pizzas with our money. I was the one who organised everything for the party however, I get nothing but scolding cos teacher 2 was pissed that she had no idea about the party, even though technically she should clarify matters with teacher 1 instead. What a "lasting" impression from Berlitz. I´ll never go back there ever again. Shall hold on to the promise that for whatever good we do on earth that is not "rewarded" by man, shall be rewarded by God in Heaven!

The happy photo literally shows how happy people are to leave! haha


Beau Lotus said...

Hmm, that German lady in front (Evelyne?) taught me my 1st German class at Berlitz. She has a Chinese boyfriend, I think. I find her really quite so-so, my current teacher (a guy) is the best thus far.

Meanwhile, I'm really happy to have finally lunched with you. Only just got your sms, my phone ran out of battery last week and I never got to charge it till yesterday! How about coming to my place for lunch on Wednesday? I'll cook something simple. Let me know.

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi dear Serene! hey, sorry I just saw your message only. Yah she´s called Evelyne. =) I know, her bf is chinese, vietnamese but stayed in France his whole life. She´s nice and all,but i think she´s not that experienced. hahaha. yr phone. Sure! We meet on wed? I´m free.School starts only next week. =)

Beau Lotus said...

Hochholzweg 26, U7 Bockelstrasse at Heumaden. How about 13h15? I have class in the morning, an errand to run and then I'll pick up the youngest and get home.


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