Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stupid mistake, stupid website and stupid word

Stephan introduced me to this german website that I can get pre-dailing codes to call to Singapore so as to make it cheaper. I need to check this website everytime I call back, as the pre-dailing codes changes on a daily basis. The website is designed such that I had the impression that once I searched for the number once, the original homepage would reflect the "saved settings" before - which is: To call to Singapore and a handphone. I then clicked on the "enter" button and thought that the numbers I would get would get me automatically to the right calling zone. Besides, I thought "ferngespräch" does mean long-distance call! So I should be fine, just clicking on the "enter" button.

I was so wrong! By clicking on the "enter" button, with the word "ferngespräch" the "saved settings" for Singapore was over-ridden. What I actually did was to look for numbers to call to different cities in Germany, instead of cheaper dailing codes for Singapore! Because "ferngespräch" doesn´t mean "long-distance call", which is what it supposed to mean, but it means "to call in Germany!" Who would have known? Isn´t it such that normally you get "local" or "overseas" dailing codes? How on earth would I have known? Plus, for the fact that this is a telephone number website, shouldn´t the webdesigners jolly well know that most ppl who use the website are non-german speakers? I learn german and by interpreting the word correctly, I should be correct and the actual meaning of the word should be wrong!

Its ok if you don´t understand. Abit hard to describe. Anyways, bottom line is, I ended up using some pre-dailing codes that would have been cheap to call within Germany, but super expensive to call overseas. The consequence of it all? Stephan and I have received 2 separate phone bills to pay about 100€ for 2 separate phone calls, simply because I used a dailing code that was about $0.75€ per minute! OHMIGOSH. Feel so pissed at myself, at the stupid misleading website and the stupid german word!

Plus that´s not all, we´re still waiting for the bill for February to come in. We called the Telecom service to let us know in advance if there was anyway they could tell us earlier how much bills we have already incurred, but they are unable to tell us.

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