Friday, March 16, 2007

Enjoyable week - parties galore!

Haven´t posted for a while, cos I have been so busy. (enjoyable-type-of-busy not the not-nice-type-of-busy) Firstly, I´m glad to say that I´m going to my new german school- Institute for Auslander Beziehung (IFA)! This sch is similar to Goethe-Institute which I went to in Singapore. I wanted to go to this sch from the beginning but I couldn´t because I had to do the integration course. So yup! I went for an entrance test on Monday (written, grammar, oral - everything) and THANK GOD that everything went well - even though I was too lazy and uninterested to study everything that I was supposed to. I only started studying on Sunday afternoon and my test was on Monday morning. Funny thing was, I had to write about the pros and cons about having a television set. Since I don´t have a TV for the past 5 years, u can imagine how hard it was for me to write about this topic eg. what are my favourite programs, if I had children, which type of programs would I disallow them to watch? (in german?!)
ABOVE: I like my fashion sense in Germany! Can wear socks, boots eg.

The other thing is last week, I simply didn´t plan my time properly! I was on this hospitality-wave of wanting to invite ppl over, so I asked some friends from school over for lunch on Friday, Stephan had his financial consultor friend over for Friday dinner and we had my in-laws over for lunch on Saturday. We were also invited for another party on Saturday evening at Bad Wimpfen - about 45 mins drive from where we stay. Needless to say, I was super busy! As a matter of fact, I barely saw my last friend to the door on Friday evening, when 15 minutes later our guest came for the evening! So the kitchen was like super messy and its amazing how God gave me the creativity of modifying the dishes so that I didn´t have to cook 2 times.

I sorta thought that having the whole morning to myself would give me ample time to prepare the food. Boy, was I wrong. Firstly, I totally forgot that I needed 7 chairs for 7 people? I only had 4. Stephan kindly reminded me the night before and I had to lug 3 chairs from my friend, a few blocks away. No mean feat! Secondly, I didn´t realize the increase in the amount of labour to cook for 7 ppl (for lunch) and another 3 ppl (for dinner) would more than quadraple my time in the kitchen! I was like taking forever to shred the celery, tomatoes, cook the pasta, etc. The pot was so full of sauce that it overflowed like a million times! Plus the salad too, so thankful that 2 girls came earlier and they helped with the salad. But overall, it was a wonderful time with May, Becky, Eleanor, Peter, Miriam and Angela. =) All from integration course, but they are in the other class, 2 months later. We have this friday lunch thingy, where we take turns to go to each other houses for lunch. I figured out when my school starts next week and I would be in the afternoon class (unless a miracle happens and I have a morning slot), I wouldn´t be able to meet up with them for lunch anymore. So, I thought I´d organise a lunch all by myself for 7 ppl.

Cooked spaghetti bolognaise and dessert - maulwurf cake

Where else can you find a husband who gets his hands dirty to bake a cake? So proud of my beanie! It was such a messy thing, but so worth it!

This was at Becky´s place- Bad Wimpfen. She n her hubby lives in a HUGE house! About 300 square metres and it has 3 floors. We had a lovely time, just eating, talking and the husbands met for the first time. Peter (from Bulgaria) celebrated his 24th birthday too. His gf (beside me) baked the cake and cooked everything - Spanish food mainly. Both of them stay in Spain.

I normally cook dinner for 15 ppl - my youth cell on Tuesdays. Don´t normally have a chance to take pix cos the food disappears so quickly. So we caught a shot when the food was still baking. This is called "Knauzen mit Speck" - like biscuits with bacon and cheese

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