Monday, March 19, 2007

German shock

I started my new german school today at IFA. And boy, its like SUPER SUPER fast! Ahhh. Trust me not to be able to sleep properly last night thanks to me feeling stressed about starting a new school. I think I only got to bed about 3am plus! I really thought of changing from morning course to afternoon course, but I decided to drag myself out of bed at 8am to go to school - to see how the morning school was like. Was late for 30 mins and had to explain myself, but it was ok. We have a new book for the intermediate level and man, its like really a shock, with all the different grammar and adjective-endings. I was not the only one in shock. The students who originally came from IFA also had a shock - teacher explained that the first 2 weeks of intermediate level is always bad, but things should get better after 2 weeks. So gonna keep my fingers crossed. Well, should backtrack a bit. I´ve been praying for a morning class cos I know that I need the discipline to wake up early. Last friday, I made a final call to IFA to enquire if I do have a place in the morning course and to my surprise, she actually said I could join in! - much to my amazement, God really answers prayers. However, now that the door is actually opened for morning school, I really miss being able to sleep in! =( Sob. Oh well. I guess that´s what the Bible talks about the human nature. On the positive side, I got to know some really nice people. Like around my age, so that´s good too.... at least the mean age of the people in my class should be 20s to 30s, much younger as in the integration course.

The thing I find funny is that we have 2 breaks - one for 15 min and the other 30 mins! Can u imagine! What on earth do people do in 30 mins of break?!? I would rather have the school start later and have shorter breaks than such long breaks?!???? My sch is from 0830 to 1300. At Berlitz, it was 0930 to 1300 - but breaks were only 10 mins each - in total 20 mins. So yah, IFA starts 1 hour earlier, but thanks to our longer break, I think the amount of teaching time is about the same as Berlitz that starts later. Oh well...... at least our teacher is really good, even though she speaks ultra fast, like lightning, I actually have problems understanding her sometimes. But I think I should get better at that with time. Better tackle my homework soon - crazy amount of homework. Help me dear God to have supernatural wisdom to understand this "catastrophal" language.

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