Friday, February 09, 2007

Renita and Beks coming to visit!

Forgot to announce this wonderful awesome news! Hee, Renita - Ms Bearer of good and great news called me about 2 weeks ago to tell me that she had a surprise for me. And I was thinking, "Hmm, what could it be?" And then, she said that Beks was coming along for her trip to Germany in May 2007! I was like WHAT! That is so so cool! And the farnie thing is that I had to remember something that happened before I knew that Beks was coming. I really miss english worship songs and I really kept thinking, "Wow, it wld be so awesome if somehow someone can come from Singapore who can play guitar well and I can get that person to play all the different worship songs for me and even teach me too!!" And somehow I thought about Beks as a passing thought, but didn´t want to dwell on the possibility of Beks coming over, since I knew that possibility of ppl coming to visit is so slim.

And like what happens? God prepared Beks to come along too! OF course, I would LOVE beks company too, but its like double and triple blessings u know! Heheee. Plus the air ticket price was so super reasonable also! Woo-hoo! They got a ticket from Singapore to London, from London to Stuttgart and back the same way they came - all for the great price of about 800€! Which is a real bargain already- the air tickets were on promotion and Renita happened to order at the right time. Wow wow. And in case u don´t know who Beks and Renita are, I´ve attached a picture of the two lovely girls! Can´t wait! As Renita said, "We´re gonna paint the town red!"


Sabrina said...

Hey Pris,

great news, I'm so happy for you that your friends can finally come over. So much about offering my help... ;) I wish you all the best time and I'm looking forward to reading about it and obviously the thousand photos that you girls will probably take! :)

All my love,


Steph Q said...

so excited for's always great to see a friend, or two, from home!!


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