Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentime´s Day and Chinese New Yr and Happy 1-yr bday to Luke!

My first Valentime´s day in Deutschland and I celebrated it by going swimming with my hubby followed by dinner - cozy dinner at the best fastfood restaurant, Burger King! romantic hor? Oh, stephan got me a red rose too, which I commented abt the "lovely packaging" hahah, not too bad, 5€ for 1 rose, you tell me if it was worth it. Sentimental value-wise, definitely!

Oh yah, its Chinese New Year reunion tomorrow I believe. Ahhh, first CNY that I´ll have in Germany, miss my family n frens! On the other hand, don´t need to give red packets hahah! Not that i´m complaining hee hee. Pray that the parcel that my lovely girl pals in Singapore sent to me will come completely intact. Thanks Diana, Jennifer, Jamie, Andrea, Renita and YVONNE! !

Oh, and HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Mr Luke Picard! This lovely Singaporean-French baby that I got to know online! Through his mother´s blog of course! May you continue to grow to be more like Jesus everyday and that you would learn to be an obedient and faithful warrior for God! Hope I didn´t infringe any copyright rules Steph! heehee.

And oh another thing. I cooked Singaporean Hokkien Mee 2 days ago, with a ready-made packet of sauce I brought over from Singapore. Not too bad, managed to wait 5 months to use it. And boy, did it taste super good or what?!??? I was smelling and eating it and it felt like I was back in Singapore again! =)


Steph said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes for Luke ! And honoured to him featured on your blog !
Kong Xi Fa Chai to you.

Love and kisses

Priscilla Tews said...

Dear Steph! =) NO problem! And wow, u guys look like u had a whale of a time at Luke´s birthday party! So sweet. Heehee. Xing nian kuai le to u too!! =)


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