Monday, February 05, 2007

Sick and tired of being tired and sick

Haven´t blogged for a while. Been feeling very tired these days, Stephan has been sick for a week or so. He´s got this cough, bad throat and constant tiredness. Doc says that its just the usual flu symptoms and gave him 2 days of MC. As a result, he´s getting better, but not good - we´re just praying that God will heal him. He´s been sick for about 2 weeks already. I´ve not been doing very good myself cos I think I´m a bit infected by Stephan´s sickness too and haven´t been sleeping very well. I take a while to fall asleep and I´ve been waking up in the middle of the night for some reason or another. Sometimes its cos I hear the neighbours making noise upstairs - the house is old and the hence not very sound-proof, sometimes simply because I get jolted out of my dream. Irritates me so much, cos I really wish I can sleep through and only wake up when my alarm clock rings, but instead I wake up once at 5am plus and try so hard to go back to sleep cos I´m still tired. Can keep me in your prayers too? - That somehow I´ll get pass this temporary-semi-insomnia phrase.

Anyways, other than that, Stephan and I have got ourselves a BOSCH dish-washer! Its amazing, really. We´ve been feeling the chore of washing the dishes and now, God blessed us with a wonderful dishwasher at about 30% discount - cos of some special offer due to Germany being the European Champions in Handball. Yup, handball is quite big here - have never seen a handball match, until I came to Germany and saw it on TV. Anyways, we´ve gotten ourselves a HUGE help in the kitchen and I´m so so thankful to God! Perfect timing!

Anyways, share a nice pix with you. My in-laws had their birthday celebration 2 weeks ago. Werner turned 62 and Anita 57. So amazing, their birthdays are 2 days apart from each other, my parents had their birthdays 3 days apart from each other. We went to a chinese restaurant and had buffet lunch with teppanyaki! Woo-hoo, so yummy, had so much seafood. Super expensive though, about 20€ per person, thanks Dad and Mum for the lovely treat!


Beau Lotus said...

Take care, Pris and hope Stephan recovers entirely soon.

I have been peeping into your classroom to see if I could catch you, but each time you hadn't arrived.

This week my teacher is only available on Friday so I'll only have class tomorrow. I've been busy shopping (what else) to while away my mornings.

Sorry I told you that I'll invite you and your hubby for lunch on a weekend and have yet to do it. Hubby has been away lots and is not often in the mood to meet people, especially new faces. But we'll definitely do it, hopefully latest by Spring. And I'll try to get another couple along, very nice Malaysian girl married to a German...

In the meantime, maybe we can lunch out on a Wednesday, for example. What time do you finish?

Priscilla Tews said...

Hey Serene! Great to hear from u! Yah, I haven´t seen u in ages... No problem about the hubby not being free thing. I can understand, cos he travels quite frequently and would rather spend the time he has privately. No stress ok. No problem. We can still arrange to meet up, I´m free on wednesdays after school no problem. This week cannot though, but next week? Shall we go for lunch next wednesday?


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