Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Orientierung Kurs - Deutschland

I´m entering into my last 5 days of my integration course. Last day is next wednesday 28 February 2007. Woo-hoo! Can´t wait really. I´m just tired tired tired. Physically, emotionally, intellectually .... cos its been an endless cycle of school, homework, housework and trying to get everything in order.

We´re doing the history of germany now - its sorta like a one-week orientation course. I actually know what the colours of the german flag means! Hahahha. Black - Kohle/ Pulver, Red - blood, Yellow - flamme ... I even know why did the german flag get "invented", due to Napolean Bornapart - pai seh don´t know how to spell his name. And also stuff like federal states, Bundestag, Bundesregierung... The toughest part about this is to understand all the legal terms of the government eg. "jurisdiction - Rechtsprechung", "defence - Verteidigung", "Constitution - Verfassung" in german! Its tough enough to learn history, to learn history in a foreign language is like crazy lah. I spend ages just reading and checking the dictionary about what it means.

Anyways, yah I will be finding out about this land called Germany. It feels weird learning about a "foreign" land. I guess, its gonna take me a while to relate to Germany as home. I know that where God calls us that should be "home" to us. But I guess while I know it in my head, its gonna take a while for it to penetrate into my heart. One day, I guess I will realize why God called me to this land Germany. For now, I´m simply trusting that God has a plan and taking one step at a time.

New news too. I´ll be getting a step-mother soon. My Dad told me that he proposed to his girlfriend on Valentime´s Day and they would be getting married by the end of this year if everything goes according to plan. I guess I was pretty shocked at first. I can´t imagine having a step-mother so soon. But guess it won´t affect me as directly as it would my brothers who still stay with my dad. Reality hits in the face too, cos while I know that my mom is gone with the Lord, somehow when someone is going to take the new place of "step-mom" it really hits home that I will never have my mom back on earth ever ever again. That is such a humbling truth but truth nevertheless. I thank God for Anita and Werner. I really enjoy my time with them, my german parents. It gives me a space of normalcy just to enjoy Stephan´s biological parents and my parents-in-law, but parents nevertheless. They are such an inspiration, years of understanding and maturing with each other, role models for Stephan and I. "You give and take away but my heart will choose to say Lord blessed be your name."


Steph Q said...

can't imagine what it'll be like having a step-parent. but no one can take your mum's place. hope ur brothers are ok...

Beau Lotus said...

I must say that this does seem a little fast, but then life must go on for your dad, I guess.

As long as he is happy, I imagine that you'll be happy for him too.

BTW, wanted to tell you this morning as I was jumping up and down outside your classroom that maybe we could lunch together next Wed. We'll arrange to meet somewhere near town and then I'll drive you as there doesn't seem to be any public transport near the Indian Restaurant. I have class till 11:15am and then I must go back to Sillenbuch to pick up my youngest son 1st. So will probably have to eat at 1pm.


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