Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Surprise from Singapore!

I simply have to blog this. I came home yesterday and found a parcel outside my door. At first, I was like "That can´t be for me, I don´t have any outstanding parcels from Singapore. Probably the postman left it at my door so that I can pass to the neighbours": Then, it struck me that the parcel was from Singapore! The unmistakeable red "Postpac" logo from Singapore post. I was "WAHHHH!" The first thing I saw was the handwriting and before I read the address, I was like "Man! This handwriting looks so familiar!" And then I saw the Sender´s! None other than our dear Ponniahs! Wow, this is such an amazing, incredible surprise! Thanks so much dear Renita, Mrs Ponniah (Amir)? and the rest of the family! That´s surprise number 1. Surprise number 2, I´ll be having my second official visit! Renita´s coming over to Germany in May! Yippee! She´ll be here for about 9 days. How cool is that??? Woo-hoo! Thanks Pastor Rennis for deciding to study in UK instead of Canada! Heehee, it really works out so well. I honestly wasn´t expecting any guests in Germany in the first 2 or 3 years here. But God is so good! I had my first guest after 3 months and my second coming after 8 months! I was so touched to receive such a well-thought of present! Its really such a God-send present.

Oh and another blessing! I know what to cook as another dish here. SUSHI! Stephan and I have been craving sushi, since we used to eat in Sakae Sushi so often in Singapore. We´ve still yet to try the sushi here, cos apparently japanese food is pretty expensive - maybe around 15€ per person? That´s like 30€ for 2 of us, about the same as in Singapore, except of the stronger currency. Anyways, I made sushi for the first time in my life in Germany! Heehee.... Its a bit of infusion between what I can get the asian supermarket and AIDI - which is a low-budget supermarket. I bought the salmon for about 3€ and the rest of the ingredients I got from the Asian shop. The sushi was so yummicilious! Thank u God for the sudden spurge of inspiration!

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