Monday, January 15, 2007

Lovely week

So many little blessings to share. I finally got a handphone in Germany with a contract of about 10€ a month. LG Chocolate. I also have 40 free SMS - which includes overseas SMS! Can finally get to reach my friends instantaneously.The salesman was so nice too, he gave us a discount of 15€, hence we paid about 85€ for the LG chocolate phone. I have no idea how much it normally costs, but I´m really happy with my phone. Also, I received a 5€ discount for my monthly subscription, simply because I´m a student. Another blessing! Yippee! That saved us like 120€! Yup yup, so please SMS or call me anytime ok?

Another blessing - we received freshly-caught fish from the Blackforest river by one of our youth cell members, Felix! He likes fishing and gladly brought 2 of the fishes he caught, smoked the fish himself, de-boned them and we had them for dinner last night! It´s like the closest I´ve ever gotten to eat fresh fish since I moved to Germany. God bless Felix for his heart!

I´ve also baked my first-ever apple cake from scratch yesterday! =) It was a recipe given to me by my dear mother-in-law, Anita. And I was so nervous that the cake wouldn´t turn out the way it was supposed to be, I was like asking God to really bless the cake! And man, it was fabulous! We shared it with our cluster leader´s family and they liked it too!

Not too bad for a first try right? And yup! It tastes as good as it looks!

We had a very spicy week too. Somehow, I tried some ready-made sauces that Renita brought over, one of them being the black pepper beef sauce. Credit must be given to my dear Hubby who heartily finished his portion, amidst all the perspiring and drinking of water. I must say that he is way better able to handle spicy food now, compared to when he was in Singapore! Woo-hoo! Miracle for both of us! The black pepper beef and Mee Goreng were really spicy - even for my standards. But nevertheless so super duperly yummy! =)

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