Monday, January 22, 2007

Eventful weekend

I had such a wonderful weekend. Started on Friday when we had Geli over for dinner. Geli´s a 23-yr old girl from church and she also attended YWAM DTS. It was quite a chance opportunity when we asked her over for dinner in our bid to get to know more people. And boy, was it awesome or what? Geli came over at 7pm and we had dinner and talked. Stephan slept at 12 midnight and Geli and I continued talking until 4am into Saturday morning! Woo-hoo! I felt like I was hung over the next day even though I didn´t drink any alcohol. And the cool is, both of us were praying to God for friends and He brought us together! How cool is that? I was praying since I came to Germany and Geli started praying about it at the beginning of this year. Wah! God is so awesome! Really want to continue to expect great things from a great God! One of my spiritual goals for this year. The funny thing is that Stephan made Apple crumble. And boy, was it crumbly or what? We could even draw a smiley face on the cake! heehee. Not bad for a first try, Hip hip hurray to my Beanie!

On Saturday, we were invited to 2 separate events. Both of which were potluck (potlucks are quite common here, cos catering is like ridiculously expensive). Hence, I had to make sushi for the adult cell and bake apple cake for the youth cell. My kitchen looked super messy. For our adult cell group - the brother of one of our cell members came over from Spain. This guy is a pastor and he had a mini-sermon in our gathering. He asked God about His specific word for our cell and He shared about the JOY OF THE LORD. That we need to expectant before God, God wants to bless us with wisdom, joy, money and something else (forgot) ahhh.... Hebrews 11. This again coincides with my spiritual goal for 2007.

The second one was one of the girls in our youth cell had her 18th birthday. In Germany, the 18th birthday is like as important as the 21st birthday of people in Singapore. Yup! So Stephan and I baked my famous apple cake (as if - its my 2nd time baking it) and we brought it over. And trust us to forget to buy a present! Ahhhh.... shall give her a belated birthday present. And man! It was so awesome! Managed to have some good talks with the youths and I think really for the first time, could really connect at a certain level of understanding with them. Its such a BREAKTHROUGH! Thank you dear dear Father. =)

Lord, I pray that you would help each of the youths to make wise decisions that honour You Lord. You know the areas where there is peer pressure to conform to the culture in Germany. There are so many grey areas where obedience to you in compromised. I pray that each of them will know you to such a deep extent and that You will give them wisdom to give you glory in their decisions and choices. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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