Thursday, January 25, 2007

Its snowing cats and dogs!

It snowed BIG time in my city yesterday. This is so awesome cos Stephan and I have been praying for snow since the winter was getting dark and dreary - I think I even blogged abt the weather in my earlier posts. And what happened yesterday? We had HUGE loads of snow that just poured down overnight! Stephan says that this is pretty unusual for Germany - to have this amount of snow. There was traffic chaos all over the place yesterday, Stephan didn´t go to work until the afternoon cos so many roads were blocked and cars were stuck in the snow. I for one, missed my train cos I didn´t give myself more allowance to walk through the snow to the train station.

For me, the snowing is such a divine timing cos this happened 1 day before my mom´s 1-yr heaven-anniversary (Shall use heaven instead of death, cos she is in heaven!). Anyways, I did feel a bit sad a few days ago, particularly when I was reading Genesis about Isaac being comforted about Sarah (his mom) death when he got married to Rebekah. Oh and today´s exactly 1 year since my Mom left. So thank you God for your timely reminder and act of love for me. I really love the snow and it so reminds me of Canada about 4 years ago!

As I was reflecting upon the snow, I just had this sense that God took only 1 day to pour down this huge amount of snow on Baden-W├╝rttemberg (my state in Germany), I just felt that God could pour down His Holy Spirit in such abundance overnight in Germany too! Yes God, Germany need Holy Snow! Pour down your Holy Spirit into the hearts of the people, so that as the snow covers the streets, may your Holy Spirit overflow in their hearts.

Enjoy the WHITE NEW YEAR 2007!

This is what my garden looked like 1 day before, when it first started snowing

1 day later - thick thick snow

The street in front of my hse (Before)

The streets after

My street, 2 days later

The train station in Korntal

The snow-covered roofs and dustbins!

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