Monday, December 11, 2006

Lovely time at Markus´place

Wanted to blog about this before, but didn´t have the time to. Well, Markus invited us over for dinner 2 Sundays ago. It was an awesome meal! He personally cooked everything from scratch and I would say for a 1st attempt, it was really incredible! I enjoyed everything laid on the table and being served a 4-course meal, the only thing was that the dinner lasted forever. We were there from 8pm and the dinner officially ended about 10pm, hahah. Cos they had to prepare one dish at a time.... well, here are some pictures of the finger-licking food! We ended off the lovely evening by watching the DVD "Tokyo Drift, the Fast and the Furious" which I´m surprised that I found pretty interesting! Haha, quite a brainless and predictable show but nevertheless very entertaining. For myself and Stephan, we were very relieved that Markus and Steffi were still open about spending time with us (1 day after the concert) cos we spent the evening after the Golden Gospel Singers concert to discuss about spiritual issues to them. Well, as usual I was struggling to evangelise in german and simple english, but it turned out quite ok actually. Really hope and pray that God would reveal Himself to each of them in a personal and life-changing way. In the meantime, Stephan and I would simply need to walk the talk - which for all of Christians would know, is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Challenging but definitely not impossible! Amen!

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