Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Charissa came to visit!

God is so so amazing. I remember reading Ailing´s blog about 1 or 2 months ago that God provided lovely mooncakes for her when she prayed. I told Ailing that I should start praying for God to send me Singapore food too. And that I did! Except that I wasn´t expecting God to answer the prayer so soon! Well, God did answer my prayer and in the most unexpected way! Charissa - my close friend from Singapore, is an SIA-air stewardess. She sometimes stops over in Frankfurt during her flights. However, for this year, she has not had any flights to Frankfurt yet. Hence, when Charissa told me 2 weeks ago that she was going to have not one but 2 stopovers in Frankfurt on her way to New York, I was ecstatic! And even more so, her trip would coincide with 1 week just before my birthday - hence I was entitled to get a birthday present from my friends in Singapore too! I happily told Charissa what I needed from Singapore that I can´t get in the Asian supermarkets here. Yeah yeah! So yah! I´ve got enough food stock to last me till my next trip back to Singapore - I hope.... And I didn´t have to pay a cent for the food, cos my friends in Singapore paid for it. Wat a lovely birthday present! Thank u girls.

Well, Charissa came down to Frankfurt last Sunday and she took the 1-hour train ride to Stuttgart. I met her on Monday morning and we went straight to my place, where I showed her my neighbourhood and my house and we did some cooking together. Woo-hoo. Later, we went back to the city centre where we took one long walk along Königstraße - the main shopping street and ended off the lovely day at an Arabian restaurant. =) It was so so heartwarming to have a close friend with me in Germany... I told Charissa that her presence here made Germany feel like home for me. We spent a lot of time talking and catching up on news back in Singapore.

In the Christmas market - Glühwein and Crepes

In the Arabian restaurant for dinner
Stephan and I drove down to Frankfurt on Friday to spend the day with Charissa again cos she was stopping over on her way back from New York. And boy! Is Frankfurt beautiful or what?!? It was the 1st time that we were exploring the city and prior to that, the only thing I knew about Frankfurt was the airport. In the afternoon, we went to this little shopping street behind Mariott Hotel where Charissa was staying - its like Holland Village in Singapore, small and quaint but still having a charm of its own. Then we dumped our chocs and stuff in the hotel before heading straight for the main shopping street.

Frankfurt reminds me so much of Singapore, with all the sky scrappers, huge shopping areas, the large number of people we saw trudging throught the streets on a Friday evening etc.... And there is this huge river that so reminded me of the Singapore river - except that the Germany one is way nicer of course hahah. Yah yah, Frankfurt would have been a cool place to stay I reckon and I could possibly have gotten a job transfer from PWC singapore to the Frankfurt office. But believe that there is a purpose and plan that God chose for us to stay in Stuttgart instead.

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