Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Golden Gospel singers

Last Friday, Stephan and I went for this concert in church by the Golden Gospel singers. They are a singing group from the USA and boy, it was such a blessed and truly enjoyable time! The music was so jazzy, pop, lively and holy all at the same time! They got the entire congregation to their feet to dance and just enjoy the evening. Sometimes, I feel that Germans are so similar to the Singaporean crowd. The type that need enticing to "be themselves" and just have fun. I guess in a club and all, its easy to just dance cos its dark and everybody is expected to dance and have fun. But when the concert is held in a church, there is always this expectation of "Should I dance? Can I dance? Can I lift my hands and just sway to the music?" But yah! That´s exactly what we did! And boy, was it so carefree and I can honestly say that my soul was truly satisfied!

The thing that was so contagious was the JOY of the singers! It was so so so so infectious just to hear people sing God´s praises and just to hear the words of "Oh, how I love Jesus" being sung repeatedly is so deeply-satisfying..... And I felt God putting these words into my heart saying, "This is the type of music that I have for you"That´s because I told Stephan a few days before the concert about how I miss english christian songs that I´m so used to singing in my church in Singapore and how I´m learning to play the guitar just so that I can sing praises to God in songs and words that are so familiar and close to my heart. But even then, my guitar playing skills are still pretty pathetic until now. Aka, I was complaining about not being to worship God in my own language. And found out that there is not a single english cell group in the church! Ahh, that´s another topic that I save for another day..... Stephan and I were there together with Markus and Steffi. They really enjoyed the concert too. We went out for some snacks and drinks after that.

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