Friday, December 22, 2006

I´m happy again.... =)

Wanted to blog about this a long while ago, but have been so caught up with the last-minute Christmas shopping and all that I simply didn´t have the time to. Anyways a short post for now. Firstly, I´m not sad anymore! I was - I admit pretty down last Saturday, hence my last post. But I decided that Stephan has so many more birthdays to make up to me - hahah, our entire lives for that matter that I started to "kan4 kai1" - broaden my view of the entire situation. And of course, God had to heal my heart too.

I sorta started realizing what it must have been for Jesus to come down to earth and leave the rest of the Trinity (Holy Spirit and God) behind - in Heaven I mean. Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus on earth, which is a happy thing for all Mankind but I can imagine it could have been a sad thing for Jesus to leave the comforts of Heaven and God´s palace to come to this "trash" place called Earth - as my Mom used to say it. And someone also said, Can u imagine how beautiful Heaven will look? God took 6 days to create Earth whereas He´s taking as long as it takes to create Heaven.

I mean, Singapore is no "heaven" but I really felt so sad that I couldn´t celebrate my birthday with the rest of the "Trinity" - Andrea and Jen... we have this little name calling of each other after Huan Yang said that we 3 stuck together like glue..... Except that I wasn´t given the name of "Jesus", but I was supposed to "Holy Spirit" and Andrea was supposed to "Jesus" and Jen "God" ahhaha.... Anyways, enough crap - that´s if you still understand what I´m talking about. No blasphemy intended though.

Oh and another surprise. One of my youth members, this ultra sweet and super observant guy called Felix - baked me a birthday cake! We had a Christmas gathering at my place on Tuesday and I was so surprised to see a Snowman cake with candles for the age of 24 on it! Its the first time anybody has ever baked a cake for me! My birthday cakes are always bought. And boy, was it so meaningful to me or what? Plus, the entire youth cell wrote cards for Stephan and I - cos Felix once again read my blog and realized that I miss Singapore and the many cards that I normally write and receive. And we even got a present from the youth cell, a special candle that splits open beautifully when burnt. Thanks so much dear Felix!
Before ==> After
I don´t consider myself an attention-seeking person, but I honestly felt that my love tank was filled to overflowing on Tuesday. It was simply so touching and heart-warming to know that there´s some people in Germany who celebrated my birthday with me - as kiddo as that might sound. And I really felt that the whole birthday-cum-Christmas celebration was from GOD! Only God would know exactly what I need and I´m so thankful He used the Youth Cell to speak my love language. Amen!

Yup yup - we had another Christmas celebration with the Adult cell on Wednesday too where I brought potato wedges cos I was too tired from the previous day´s celebration to cook much. I made tempura prawns for the youth cell. Today, we had yet another Christmas celebration in my Integration course! Robinson and I had the idea of having a little celebration with the class about Christmas.

To cut a long story short, at first we organized a Christmas dinner - But it didn´t work out cos the response was bad and a lot of people were from Turkey, hence they didn´t want to participate in a "Christmas" celebration. Then, my smart teacher printed an article about how different races of people in Germany celebrated Christmas and she suggested having a little celebration in class. SO, we collected €2 from each person and as usual, I was assigned the job to get the food. Stephan kindly agreed to do the buying, since I was busy yesterday and Steffi drove me down to school so that I didn´t have to lug the stuff in the train. God is so amazing - just providing the people to help me. =)

I´m really thankful that I decided to stay in Germany for Christmas. Was so confused at first, but after praying about it, I felt more peace about staying in Germany rather than making a last-minute decision to go back to Singapore. We should go back to visit Singapore in Aug 2007 if everything goes to plan - that would be 1 yr since we´re in Germany.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you are happier now and have decided to stay in Germany with hubby. God is truly looking out for you and you have found a loving new family of friends in Germany. Happy Belated.

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi Anonymous

Can you reveal your identity? I find it weird to have people reading in on my blog and commenting on my life - people whom I don´t even know who they are. I´m open about making more online contacts, but its only fair that you tell me who you are as well. Thanks.


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