Wednesday, December 27, 2006

First Christmas as a Mrs in Germany

Had such an awesome Christmas this year. I´m so thankful that I decided to stay in Germany for Christmas. In many ways its different from the way I´m used to celebrating Christmas in Singapore... but in many ways its also very memorable. For one thing, I´m used to having a huge group of relatives to gather on Christmas and its a lot of talking, TV, karaoke (sometimes) but u don´t really get to spend a lot of "intimate" time talking to just one particular family... its more like quantity talking and catching on what you have been doing.

In Germany, we had more time for the immediate family - from the usual 25 ppl-gathering in Singapore to 6 people - Werner, Anita, Stephan, Sabrina, myself and Robinson (My friend from Brazil whom we invited over for Christmas). We had a lot of eating (of course)... a lot of talking, a lot of songs (we brought the guitar and Stephan and I played Christmas carols), plus I learnt a new card game which I won! Hahah... Call it the beginner´s luck. Its really like the small, cozy, initimate family time... plus its so important for us too, cos Sabrina works in London and we don´t get to see her much. Its a lot of talking and in a smaller setting, I´m better able to understand the german that´s being said.

Photos speak a 1,000 words... so here´s the boot!

Me and my sweetie! So love being married to him!
Happy 10 months and 2 days btw!

The girls!

Guitar! So fun to play and sing together
1st Christmas meal: Racklett - BBQ meat on hot stone, with small pans of ham, cheese, mushrooms, onions, pineapples. So super yummy!
2nd Christmas meal: Pork with mushrooms, wine & potatoes

3rd Christmas meal - Grilled Pork, with baked apples, special potatoes, brussels.

Anita opening her present and wah lah! A family wedding portrait


Sharon said...

Hey Pris! A belated Merry Christmas wish to you & Stephan. Looks like you had a really nice time. Glad to see you looking so happy in the photos. Catch you later. Probably on the forum. :) God Bless!

Priscilla Tews said...

Dear Sharon! =) Merry Belated Christmas too! How was yr christmas? Is yr blog ready already? The forum´s pretty quiet these days right?

Sharon said...

Christmas was ok. Had a bit of a cold so was pretty dopey most of the day. :) I've been too busy to blog much but will send you the link anyway. Yup forum's seem to be pretty quiet. Guess most people are just too busy or on holidays.

Candy Spooner said...

We did the same for my in laws for Christmas! A framed up family portrait...


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