Thursday, November 30, 2006

I love my Beanie!

Last Saturday, Stephan and I took a day-trip down to this university town called Tübingen. Its actually pretty nice, except that the weather was a bit gloomy, like rainy and dark... hence we weren´t really in the "holiday" mood as we were when we went to Heidelberg 2 years ago during summer. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the time I spent with my husband and I really want to treasure times like this when we can simply drive to somewhere and spend the day there.

We simply walked around the town, looked at the old buildings, attempted to take some pictures in the remaining daylight and ended off with a yummilicious dinner at a chinese restaurant - which was actually run by a Thai family (I recognised their accent). I ate this dish called "Nasi Goreng" which so doesn´t taste like the one in Singapore, but still very nice nevertheless......After that, we had a movie date with Markus and Steffi - we watched Incredibles and I brought some cake over - as usual. Hee, this time it was a half-baked cake, cos I put in only 1 egg instead of 3 eggs in the instructions - don´t ask me why, I have no idea myself.

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