Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Maulbronn with the adult cell

My adult cell went to Maulbronn during the public holiday last week. Maulbronn is a world heritage centre - its one of the places short-listed by the United Nations to be preserved in its original state to showcase to the world what Germany used to be like.

It was really cold, about zero degrees the whole day and the funny thing was that when we wanted to have a picnic after touring the place, it started raining cats and dogs! Oh man... talk about God having a sense of humour. We ended up packing our food and stuff and headed for one of the cell member´s house for indoor picnic......Oh, the baby u see in the photo is Enya´s baby....blue eyes! So sweet, she´s 7 months old only. Can click on the photos to see more photos on my flickr account.

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