Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lunch with my in-laws

Last Saturday, Werner and Anita so kindly accepted Stephan and mine invitation to come over for lunch. I wanted to surprise them so didn´t tell them what I was going to cook. I ended up cooking fried wan ton (Chinese dumplings), char siew sauce-marinated-pork and my fish soup. Yum yum! I also made some desert - courtesy of Jennifer´s mom´s recipe.. Almond jelly and I bought some rambutans with pineapples to add to it.... It was really wonderful to have them around and just to thank them for all the help that they gave us from the time we had to move to a new place, to helping us buy stuff to set up the house and Werner´s efforts to help us with the kitchen, lights... etc etc. Almost everything! Danke schön für alles, ihr seid die ausgezeichnetsten Schwiegereltern!

See, my in-laws survived the meal!

Fish soup! - Thks for the inspiration Steph!

Tandoori chicken- made from packet of cos

Lemon chicken!

Me cooking in my cozy kitchen!

Almond jelly with tropical fruits! - Thks Jen´s mom!

Porridge with pork floss (from Singapore) - a bit of frozen siew mai which surprising tasted pretty good!

Yes, please my dear friends from Singapore... please come and visit me! Would LOVE for u all to bring whatever stuff you can get from Singapore but not here! I´m running out of Ikan Bilis soup base... and I will ALWAYS welcome pork floss.... I eat pork floss like a rarity here.....

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