Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It´s been more than a week since my last update, been a bit busy... Well, things that happened in the past week....

1) Youth cell
We met up with the youth cell last Tuesday and we are meeting up with them today evening... Looking forward to it. It was really scary last week though, cos it was the first meeting and we both didn´t know what to expect. It turned out better than expected, the youths are very open and they are such a wonderful bunch. I can hardly understand what they are saying, but just trusting God to help me! Evy suggested that the youth cell surround us to pray for us since we are their new leaders. So, we sat on chairs and they surrounded us to pray for us and a couple of them prophecized over us....

- One said that the youth cell is like a ship without a captain and everybody is doing their own thing, while the ship is heading nowhere. Now, there are captains (us) and the ship is finally going to be organised and headed for a certain direction.

- Evy´s husband said that he had a picture of a rope that was once tight and in one piece, however over time the rope broke and the two ends were swimming apart. Now, Stephan and I are standing in the gap and holding the two ends of the rope together, so that it is together again.

- Another one was about a pipe in which a part of it was broken. Now, we are the missing piece completing the pipe, symbolising the connection to God.

- For myself: Evy had a personal picture me feeding baby dolls and soon the dolls were standing up and growing faster than normal. She said she had the sense that I would be the one spiritually feeding the youths....

Even though I could not understand what they were saying when they were praying, but could really feel the presence of God so strongly in that place!It was so encouraging to see that all the prophecies were speaking of the same message. It was a bit scary too though, cos its quite a big piece of responsibility, but we´re both trusting that the Holy Spirit will guide us into what God has in store for the youths.... Pray with us ok?

2) Saturday - We had our first guest over for lunch!

Mother and Son
Werner went for hiking over the weekend so we decided to invite Anita (my mother-in-law) over for lunch since she had been so kind to always cook lunch for us every saturday.... I decided to cook a dish that I was the most confident of cooking - sweet and sour pork, complete with dessert - just ice-cream.... So so thankful that God really helped me! The pork was crunchy too! Wow, that was a first for me..... its hard to make meat crunchy....I´m so thankful that I can simply cook for my parents-in-law without having to be like a "super cook" and that they are open to eating whatever I cook. Oh and she baked us a lovely apple cake too which we gobbled up for dinner.....

3) Holy Spirit Night
We had a night at church last Saturday in which about 3,000 to 4,000 youths from all over Germany came together for conferences and worship. It was really cool to see so many youths, Stephan and I felt quite old. I was so so thankful that I went, cos they were singing so many english worship songs and I felt like I was this thirsty, starved person and I was drinking like crazy. I mean, german worship songs are fine, but I´m still finding it hard to relate to God in a foreign language. Pastor Philip (our Marriage pastor) led the worship which lasted until 11pm. The message was about ending off well and the person was sharing about Lot´s wife who turned back to look at the burning city and was turned to stone. I really felt that message was so applicable for me too cos a relationship with God is about a journey and not a destination....
Finally some nice photos of me! I´m all dressed up for the Holy Spirit Night...

Sumo-wrestling games before the worship started
3) Walk in the park

We got home at about 12 midnight on Saturday night so we didn´t go to church on Sunday. Stephan and I took a nice long walk in the park in Lüdwigsburg on Sunday evening.... That´s where people go on Sundays cos most of the shops are closed.

Photo on left: Castle where Dukes used to live in the 18th Century

My unwilling model: We walked along this path and back

This is the garden-house of a Duke who built it in the 18 century
4) My pineapple hubby
Stephan had a haircut and woke up the next day and he seriously looked like a pineapple. I couldn´t resist taking a photo of him and he very kindly searched for an online photo of a pineapple and saved it for me on my computer! Hahah, talk about a sporting husband. Love u so much beanie!

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