Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trials of cell leading....

Thought would have a short post about my second cell meeting with the youths yesterday night... You wouldn´t believe all the things that happened last night, its so obvious that someone out there is mega unhappy about Stephan and I becoming cell leaders....

- The cell was supposed to take place in this town about 30 mins from where we stayed. 4 girls were supposed to come to our place at 5.30pm and take a ride in our car to the cell venue. We had targetted to reach there at 6pm.

- At 5.15pm I received a call from Stephan´s best friend´s (Markus) girlfriend (Steffi). She called to inform me that Markus is in hospital as he suffered an electrical shock and the doctors wanted to monitor him overnight as his heart stopped beating for a while. Hence, Steffi needed someone to drive her to the hospital so that she could bring Markus´ belongings and clothes over. The hospital was going to close about 7pm and she would need Stephan to drive her there.

- 5.30pm: Stephan arrives home and I break the bad news to him. We had a situation where we only had 1 car and needed to go in 2 opposite directions... The hospital was located in the total opposite direction of the cell venue. Plus the car was not big enough to fit in 7 people (including Steffi). The girls arrive at our place unaware of our transport problem.

- 5.45 to 6pm: A series of hectic phone calls were made to various neighbours, Stephan´s mother etc. Everybody was busy and some were not at home. Suddenly, I had the idea of calling this Spanish guy who´s from our adult cell and he was at home! And he was available to drive us to the cell venue.

- 6.15pm: The girls and I leave for cell venue, Stephan leaves in the opposite direction to the hospital together with Steffi. We meet a traffic jam on our way to cell venue.

- 7pm: Arrived one hour late at cell venue without Stephan. I had to excuse myself to go to the toilet where I simply cried out to God. I was so freaked out, cos everybody speaks german and their standard of english is probably as much as my level of german. I went out of toilet and we started worship, followed by ice-breakers. I went through a series of administrative questions with mainly english and stuttering german - all this time wishing and praying that Stephan would arrive soon... Cell was supposed to end at 8.30pm.

- 8.25pm: Stephan finally arrives when the entire cell was almost finished and I literally had to stand in the fort by myself and God. Markus is fine and there is nothing serious about the electric shock and Stephan was also super relieved from the ordeal.

Reflection: This is the first time that I really felt that God simply pushed me into the cold water! I was like yelling and yelling for help but of course no help came, except to JUST DO IT! God had to really push me into the position when I was thrown into the deep end and had nothing else to do except to swim..... It was such a roller-coaster day that I went to bed last night not even being able to comprehend what God did through me.


Puppy's Multitasking Dream Brew said...

Glad Markus came out fine. May God give you guidance and strength along the cell leading path.

Priscilla Tews said...

Hey Emily! Thanks for your comment. Yah, we are both so relieved from the ordeal too.... Think hubby has been pretty stressed... He just went to the doc to get some infusion thing, cos his hearing is partially blocked, doc says its due to stress and all that. Thanks! Will pray that God will help us n His name be glorified in every way!


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