Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy 57th birthday Germany!

Tomorrow´s a public holiday, 3 October is the day to commemorate the reunification of East and West Germany. I didn´t even know the date until I came to Germany and realized that its a public holiday. So nice to have Stephan with me and we´ve got an activity-packed day tomorrow. We´re having brunch with Stephan´s cellgroup followed by dinner with the youth cell at Evy´s place (cluster leader). Feel a bit apprehensive but somehow excited to see who the youths are finally. Met 1 or 2 of them in church, Stephan knows their parents... but haven´t seen the whole bunch yet. Pray that God will calm our nerves and just use us to be a blessing to the youths.

Last Sunday message was by Bayless Conley - a very renouned Tele-vangelist from the US. and he spoke about expecting great things from a great God. That´s so amazing, cos a few days ago, I received another email from my friend, Ai Ling from YWAM which talked about the same thing of not limiting God by our expectations. So, its definitely God´s rhema message for me. The gist of the message from Bayless was to 1) Ask God 2) Ask more from God 3) Remember God´s goodness and past blessings.

So, what have I been doing? I´ve gotten into the routine of exercising with Stephan, we jog once a week and swim once a week. I´ve also met up with my father-in-law Werner once, to go swimming and he has been my driving instructor. So thankful! We´re going to be driving more on public roads since I think what I need is to boost up my confidence - I´m like a timid mouse on the roads in Germany!

Close shave
I drove back from church yesterday and guess what? I accidentally put the gear to reverse when I stopped at the traffic junction. To make matters worse, I was on a slight slope. So, when I pressed the accelerator, the car started rolling backwards! I panicked and so did Stephan. He immediately pulled up the handbrake and thank God he did! I thought that I was not giving the car enough acceleration and wanted to press the gas even more. Man, it scares me when I still think about what could have happened. And yes, there was a car behind me... quite near too.

Anyways, THANK GOD for His hand of protection on me and Stephan! Werner drove me to this place called Schloss Solitude last week, before I practised driving in the traffic practice park. Oh, its AUTUMN now! So so beautiful, the leaves are starting to turn red and I can´t wait to see how full-blown autumn is going to look like. Afterall, this is gonna be my first autumn ever! Share some photos of Autumn to share the envy of you guys....hee.

That´s me in my new Mango jacket. That´s my cool father-in-law, Werner!

That´s the Schloss (castle) in the background where dignitaries are entertained, similar to the Istana in Singapore

A tree in bloom in early Autumn

We also had our first breakfast guest on Sunday, Cristina - I met her 2 years ago in Germany before she went to Cambodia for missions for 1 year. Now, she´s going to Afghanistan and she will be involved in street children ministry.... So amazing, admire her faith in God and her testimony of hearing from God is so mind-blowing! She´s about a few years older than me.

We had cell group last Tuesday where she shared her testimony and we had a round of praying for her ministry in Afghanistan. We thought it was over already when Hartmut(Evy´s husband) said that he had a sense that God wanted Cristina to speak into the lives of some of us. So all us continued sitting around Cristina. I happened to be sitting directly behind her and honestly, I thought "I´m a visitor in this cell, so if God speaks it probably would be to other people in this cell" I even told God, "Ok God, I´m open to you, but I choose not to be disappointed if You don´t speak to me". The next thing that happened, Cristina prophecized over another lady and then over me. She said that God said, "Priscilla, my daughter...." and I totally didn´t understand anything else cos it was all in german.... But I could really feel the presence of God so strongly in that place.... it was a similar feeling to when I was touched by the Holy Spirit during YWAM.

Stephan translated the rest... it basically went, "Priscilla, my daughter you are exactly where I want you to be right now. Its not a decision made by man , but by God that you are here. Trust me that I will help you to adjust into Germany, that you will be able to adjust in smoothly. I will show you the path to take, so that you know that is exactly where I want you to be in".

I was so so so so so so super touched by God! There were about 15 people in the room and God spoke to me! Plus, it was so exactly what I needed at this point in time! I have not met up with Cristina at all since I came to Germany, so there was no way that she would have been able to know what I was going through! Thank you so much dear Lord Jesus! Can refer to my post on September 21 and God really answered the cry of my heart!


Puppy's Multitasking Dream Brew said...

Wah hengz! I remember the time I was driving in a little car up a steep (and busy) slope with 3 other friends. suddenly the car packed in and stopped, and started rolling backwards. I almost died in fright - finally 2 of my friends got out, and the car managed to go up the slope. A big hint for them (and me!) to finally go on a diet hehehe :)

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi Emily! Hey, yah man... thank God! Really scary! Your car stalled on a slope? Ohmigosh... that must have been super super duperly scary... u are so brave! Wah.... can´t be u all are heavy leh... only 3 ppl.... how old is yr car? hahah... maybe it needs servicing?

June said...

the Mango trenchcoat!! =) it's a gd buy!

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi June!

How´s life post-world bank meeting? Heehee. Yah! I love my trenchcoat and am so glad that I bought it! =) Yay yay!


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