Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy 7th Month dear and Welcome Sophie!

Today marks my 7th month wedding anniversary with my dear hubby Stephan and sorta my 1st month in Deutschland! Its really been such an awesome wonderful 7 months with my german husband. Sweetie, thanks for all the times shared, memorable times in Singapore and now in Germany. So happy that we got the rest of our lives together! Thank you God for bringing this sacrificial, funny and incredible person into my life.

Today, my mentor Ailing gave birth to beautiful baby girl Sophie too! So happy for her and James! Felt a bit sad that can´t be in Singapore to share in all the excitement and joy of welcoming a brand new baby onto earth, but yah! You´ll be so close to us in thoughts and prayers and also as a fellow blog fan! Will log often to see photos, add my 2 cents worth etc....

Well, got some more photos of my city Stuttgart. We went out with Markus and his girlfriend Steffi last Saturday.....

The picture you see is hand-painted and on the floor of König Straße in Stuttgart (main shopping street)

Stephan and Markus in a pub in Germany
We were also invited to Stephan´s cluster leader´s Evy place on Sunday for lunch. So so nice! We have officially decided to be the cell leaders of the youth cell...most of them are 16 and 17 year olds and they are mostly cell leaders themselves already. God spoke to us very clearly about it.

For me, my main concern is the language barrier - even though the youths have agreed to have cell in english, however I have this conviction that its so important to be able to pray, read the bible etc. in the mother tongue of the youths (german).... that was when God spoke to me and said "That´s what missionaries go through".... And I realized, yeah! Missionaries go through the language barrier but they still continue to minister and teach with everything that God enables them to do so.... yup... so that´s my final decision to take this step of faith.

Above (clockwise): Ephraim (15),Evy, me, Stephan, Debby(12) and Evy´s hubby
They are trying on Evy´s old glasses

That´s my cooking again! Szechuan seasoned fried chicken, fried fish, Vietnamese beef noodles and claypot rice

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