Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday - phew! Busy week!

Hi dears, finally I can have the time to sit in front of my computer to blog! So so happy! The past week has been so hectic but fruitful at the same time. I´ll have a brief summary on what I
did.....On Wednesday, I went to this place called Zweibrücken which literally means 2 bridges to shop together with Markus (one of Stephan´s groomsmen) and his girlfriend Steffi - a very sweet 18-yr old gal. This place is a shopping haven- full of designer outlets! Hint hint - to all the shopping addicts out there...
We had about 6 hrs of shopping and even drove through France! Zweibrücken is located near the border of Germany and France and since the main roads were all closed on the German side, Markus drove France - yeah! So my first impression of France is that its no different from Germany! Haha Markus told me that I should not let any French ppl know abt this, because I´ll be committing suicide. It was mainly the countryside, so I couldn´t notice any significant difference I guess!

(Top left)The 3 tops - 2 from Terranova abt $10-$15EU each
(Top Right) Pink winter top - $20euros ("EU")down from $200Euros
Pink pants- $10EU from United Colours of Benetton
Beige pants- $25EU from Mango (50%off)
I went to the gym 3 times to make use of this free gym pass that Stephan´s cellgroup friend, Inge gave me. The gym pass allows me to go to the gym 8 times for free, in order to try out their facilities and decide if I want to take up their membership. I doubt it though, cos its about $50 euros/mth and since I´m not working, its better not to have non-essential expenses now. However, I´m so thankful to God that He gave me this really wonderful present!

On Friday I was looking forward to even more ironing at home when I got a call from Steffi to invite me to go Stuttgart city to shop. Steffi didn´t manage to get anything at Zweibrücken when we were there 2 days ago. So I happily agreed to go with her, thinking that it would last 3 hrs max. We were in Stuttgart for 6 hrs! And boy, did she buy a lot of things! Wow, I´m so impressed at her speed of shopping. Since things can be exchanged and refunded here, she simply bought stuff - some of them without trying. I had such a fun time with her, but boy were my legs aching! Plus my back too! Ironing gives me backache, plus all the walking and shopping too.

Above: In Stuttgart Schloss-platz (Palace place) That´s Steffi and I.

Later in the evening, we met up with Stephan´s church friend, Esther who invited us over to her place for dinner. Yummy yummy! She´s such a warm and amazingly genuine person. Her english is very fluent too cos she stayed in Jerusaleum for 4 yrs before. I was so touched when she suggested praying together before we left, that really reminds me of home! Plus her home is so gemütlich (cozy)!

Above: That´s Esther! We had sparkling wine too.

The view from her balcony. Awesome. The hill u see is man-made. It was made from the remains of the houses that were bombed during World War II and garbage. This is part of my City, about 5 mins from my place.
Saturday evening, we met Markus and Steffi and went to this annual event in Stuttgart, called a Weindorf (basically open-air shops set up for people to drink wine and enjoy food). I´m so super sad cos we were in such a rush that we forgot to bring our camera.... so no photos for this one... But boy, did I drink so much wine! The wine was so so yummy! White and red wine alike! The weather was so cool and it was so European to sit in the open and enjoy the finer tastes in life... literally. We gave a toast to me moving to Germany. Prose!


Puppy's Multitasking Dream Brew said...

How wonderful! Looks like you had 2 lovely shopping outings and that you're starting to settle well in Deutschland. Drink to that - Prost! :)

ai ling said...

hey pris!!!! Sounds like you're really getting the hang of being there!!! Very cool... all the shopping and hanging out really sounds very fun! Very happy for you. :) :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Pris, heehee... I can imagine how activity packed you must have been last week and had to time to blog but hey, it sure looks like a superb week!!! =) It's so wonderful to see you gradually fitting in and meeting up with so many wonderful German friends... you know gal, we are so privilege to enter into your world through blog so we can have a taste of German life too.. thumbs up for the exercise you manage to have. heh heh. God bless you dear!

Josie said...

Hey babes..

You look like u lost weight!! And your pictures are all so beautiful...

Sigh.. i'm stuck in the office!!

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi tootsieroll! Hey, paisei wat´s yr real name? heehee. I had a wonderful time, just need to get my trousers tailored to the right length now.

Ailing- Hey hey! U can come over europe next yr too with Sophie! Hehee. Enjoy shopping lots, but need to control! Self-control, haha.

Jennifer- Hey babe! Thks for yr lovely email! Shall endeavour to reply it soon! Hee, "german life" sounds so farnie. Its basically the same life as anybody´s except for the language and yah, the pace is sorta slower here. I feel like I`m living in the country sometimes! ahhhh.

Josie - Hey dear! I leave a comment on yr blog too! Thks babe. I didn´t realize if I lost weight, but after yr comment, I went to check. If the weighing scale is ok, I lost 2.5kg... not that I was trying, but I eat one warm meal here a day only. Its too tiring to cook twice a day.

Josie said...

Ha ha... Congrats on your weight loss!! I'm so jealous that u did it without even trying =P

Priscilla Tews said...

Hey josie! One secret to weight-loss. Come to germany! haha,once u need to cook everyday, its automatic weight loss. Haha, should advocate that to Singaporeans who are paying thousands to lose weight in singapore huh. hee


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