Wednesday, September 13, 2006

God is so amazing

Today, I wanted to do my quiet time ("QT") outdoors. I usually spend time with God in the morning and I was getting a bit bored about doing my QT in the living room at home. Hence, I happily packed my bag, got my QT materials, some money and strolled to any green patch I could find in Korntal.

I thought of a green patch near the rathaus (townhall), but I remembered that I had to go to the Volkhochschule (community centre) to enquire if I could still sign up for guitar course if my german was not that good. As it turned out, the receptionist has no idea if the guitar teacher would be able to conduct the class in a way that was understandable by non-germans. I´m going ahead for the course anyways, still on waiting list now though. I decided to explore the surrounding grounds and came across a small playground with children playing.

I decided to sit down under a tree on a bench and went on to take out my material for QT. The first thing I realized was, I don´t have a pen! I need a pen to write in my journal. I was hesitating if I should ask the Rathaus for a pen when I realized that I forgot my bible too! I mean, what are the chances? Wanting to spend time with God and packing stuff but forgetting yr bible?!??? I was like "Ahhhh......" Feeling so pissed off at myself. But I somehow sensed that there was a reason why all this was happening. So I asked God, "Ok God, what is it that you would rather have me do now?"

The next thing that happened is that the Dad of the children who were playing in the ground came up to me and talked to me, asking me where was I from? So we got into a conversation and it turned out that he´s married to an Indonesian lady - they just moved to Korntal 2 mths ago and will return to Indonesia 10 mths later. I assumed that he´s a Christian as well, since his father was like a missionary pastor based in Indonesia and he himself works in a Christian international school in Indonesia. The other lady at the playground was from Africa and she had been living in Korntal for 5 years. So both of them were from inter-racial marriages and both spoke very good english.

We exchanged numbers and I felt so happy that God had this pleasant surprise for me during the time that I wanted to spend with Him. Its like really cool that the guy struck a conversation with me, I would never have guessed that he grew up in Asia and have been to Singapore a couple of times. He told me about meetings when foreign women in Korntal can meet up on a weekly basis just to converse and talk in german and that I should contact his wife about the details. I´m really thankful to God for reminding me that He has plans and a future for me in Germany.

My glass noodles - looks Thai right? But its not spicy at all

My version of Fish and Chips
I know I know, it looks flooded in sauce, but its tasty ok?

I wish I could say I baked this. But sadly enough, I didn´t.
It was given to us by our dear neighbour who leaves below us.
I told u, german women can cook superbly well!!!!!

Our first guest, Volker Milberg!
He shared with us his birthday wine that his friends gave him.


June said...

u've always got so many pics of food! =) looks good tho..heh..

and you lost weight, gal! miss u!

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi June!

Really miss u too... sob sob. I think the food thing is cos that´s basically a main part of my life now. Need to cook almost everyday leh. Plus, I´ve dreamt about Singapore hawker centre 3 times already! 3 times in 3 weeks! That goes to show how much I miss cheap, hawker food. Sob sob!


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