Saturday, September 02, 2006

My first pedicure in Germany!

I had my first footscrub by Werner today (Stephan´s Dad). It was so thrilling... Werner used this machine that looked like a drill - those u use to drill holes in the wall, to scrub the dead skin off my feet. Wow! And he says that I can do it regularly too! Who would have known that I have a father-in-law who removes dead skin off the soles of my feet? heehee.

I survived! So happy that I managed to survive my first week in Germany that I had to cook and wash everyday. So so miss the cheap hawker food in Singapore! Ahhh. I complain to Stephan that I feel like a maid sometimes, cos it feels like I wake up-cook-wash-sleep-wake up-cook.... And he says that this is the life of most women in germany, cos its just way too expensive to hire a helper at home and to eat outside.

Headaches! Had a mega bad headache today, actually I have been having headaches on and off the entire week since I came to Germany. Need to pray that it goes away, will see a doctor next week just in case.... Can pray for me ok? Thanks dears! Think it might be just weather changes, and/or emotional stress. Perhaps I´ve been stressed without realizing it. Juz need to trust in God´s healing hands to see me through.

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