Friday, September 01, 2006

My flickr acct is working!

Hey guys! My flickr upload tool is finally working! Yeah! So now, I´ll be uploading lotsa photos on my flickr acct, just click on the icon the right ok? Yup... My house is starting to look more like a home! Stephan and Werner have been working on it for the past few days. My kitchen is looking a bit nicer, though its still the temporary kitchen... But better than cooking on top of a washing machine! Heehee.
Right: My pasta stuff, so happy managed to make it in about an hour.

Left: This was what we found in our balcony when we first moved in. Evy´s children (Stephan´s cluster leader) did it for us. Its a German custom to welcome newly-weds and wish them well, with kids and all.... hee

Right: Stephan and his Dad fighting together


ai ling said...

So fun!!! :) heh... your cooking skills is fast growing... yeah! And i'm glad your flickr acct is finally working. When is your new kitchen coming? You're gonna have so much fun... heh... James finally finished painting the baby's room... we're ready i think!

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi Ailing!
Yeah, I´m just trying to get the hang of being a housewife. Maybe that´s why my german class doesn´t start till 6 wks later. Kitchen coming 5 to 6 weeks time. u´re counting down yr days to being full-time mom huh! So exciting!


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