Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Its mid-week of another week ALREADY!

Its already mid-week. So fast! Stephan got the cough over the weekend and he reported sick for work on Monday. Poor guy, couldn´t sleep the entire night cos he was busy coughing away. Sounds funny, but I was so happy that I had his company over a Monday. Hey, there´s monday blues even for home-makers like me also k? Its nice to have someone in the house to talk to, hear noises in the house etc...

We had a blood test for me at the doctor´s on Monday - to check on my migraines. And boy! Was it painful or what??! I was like cringing and so hoping that I wouldn´t turn blue. This week also marks the first week that I can´t go to the gym anymore since my summer card as expired. Sob. So, what´s the next best thing after gym? I went to swim and man, was it freezing! The pool is indoor and the temperature is supposed to be maintained at 25 degrees, but I was freezing my ass off! Plus, there were so many ppl that I was literally swimming into bodies in every direction. I swam 30 laps in about an hour - guess how much I paid for it? $3.90 euros! That´s S$7! Ouch!

On Tuesday - I went for my first-ever women´s breakfast (Frauen Frühstück). It was a good time, we had breakfast with about 7 women - and yes, I´m the youngest one there and probably the only one without kids. Its led by Stephan´s cluster leader, Evy and all the worship songs and bible study was in german. I think I couldn´t really meditate much on the verses cos I was simply trying so hard to figure out what each person was saying. Felt I was in a little sphere in which I get like 2 or 3 words from each sentence and I attempt to understand every 1 sentence out of 3 sentences, so yup, I hardly get anything sometimes.... plus it´s in the morning at 9am, so my brain hasn´t officially started to function yet.

In the evening, we went to Stephan´s cell group which was in german again. This time everybody was sharing their experiences during their holidays - the holiday season just ended and the new school term just started this week. I think I´m starting to get a bit better at understanding Swabish - a local dialect that the germans speak in the south. There is this guy in the cellgroup who speaks really strong Swabish but somehow, I get the words that he is saying a bit more than the rest hahah... perhaps its because he sounds a bit Spanish.... Yah, can imagine that I have a hard time understanding hoch deutsch (proper german) and when people cut off words here and there, its like trying to climb Mt Everest when you can´t even climb Bt Timah hill......

I went swimming again today, this time at my in-laws town, cos its cheaper....$2 euros.... but I need to pay for transport there, which is a few train stations away. Altogether, each trip to the pool cost about $5euros.... So painful leh.... especially when you are not working. Don´t want to think about how people in Great Britain survive.... Sabrina you are doing just great!

Alrighty, should have some dinner now... will post again soon....

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