Sunday, August 27, 2006

My first church service at Stephan´s church

Hihi, today was my first time in Stephan´s church. We´re so thankful that it turned out pretty well. I was a bit scared about my first time at his church, cos its like I know that I would miss SJSM a lot if I felt like a stranger in BGG (name of the church that I´m attending now). It was pretty good, cos I found out that they translate the german songs too. I have a headset which I use for the sermon and all. Plus,I got to see some familiar faces that I got to know from 2 years ago when I went over to visit Stephan. Everybody was so happy to see Stephan again and some got to see me for the first time. I guess I will be known as `Stephan´s frau´for a long time.

We have a temporary kitchen now and I shall attempt to cook a decent meal from some broccoli and mushrooms that we bought some leftover food I had from yesterday´s chinese dinner that we had a restaurant....

Still trying to get used to the fact that everything here is in euros! The groceries are really pretty cheap.... almost the same, maybe even cheaper than in Singapore, but the rest of the stuff are expensive! Eg. our kitchen is going to cost about S$3,000.

In the meantime, we are still unpacking and trying to figure out places to put our different stuff. Realized that even though our wardrobe is so huge, but now we would need both summer and winter wear.... Geez, Stephan also has a lot of coats, so we would need to somehow split the cupboard in a way that there is enough space for everything. Been ironing quite a bit also, need to re-iron all my clothes that we shipped here and those in the luggage.

Gonna search for a german school and the chinese supermarket in Stuttgart tomorrow. Pray for us that God will guide us to the best school for me. I wanted to continue with Goethe-institute however, that would be at least 1 hour away one-way.... Yup. Till later.....

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