Sunday, August 27, 2006

The submissive wife

While I was msning with Yvonne today, realized that I wanted to share something else that has been happening in my life. I realized I´m becoming quieter and quieter in germany. U know how I`m more of a talker and I love to chat... now its like i talk like 1% of the time and stephan talks 99% of the time.... Mainly cos i can´t talk! Sigh.... it frustrates me 50%of the time but I feel sad the other 50% of the time.... Decided that for the times that I can´t talk, if the person that stephan is talking to is a non-Christian, i shall just pray, instead of trying to look intelligent and nodding my head and not having a clue of what the person is saying.... hahaha. However, I do run out of stuff to pray about! Especially in a long conversation....

Yups, Cecilia must be so proud of me....I´m becoming more submissive! -even if its against my will hahahah.

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