Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm leaving Singapore today....

Hihi, this is the last post that I'll be having from Singapore - as if anyone could tell the difference. Haha, next time I'll start blogging in German! hee... No lah, not that good in Deutsch yet.

Well, its with fear and trepidition that I'll be making a big step into the unknown - Germany! Ahhh! Nono, I know that God has been preparing my heart for the big move, since Stephan and I have been praying together and also cos many of my frens have been praying for us - THANK YOU dears!

We'll spend the rest of the day packing the remaining stuff and at the moment, we are altogether 20kg overweight! Ahh.. We know that Quantas allowed 5kg overweight for each person, but that still leaves us with 10kg overweight. We'll see what we can do, maybe squeeze stuff into our hand luggages.

For anybody whom we didn't get to say a proper farewell to, here's saying a big, heartfelt bye. But our relationship will still blossom! We'll keep in touch and it would seem like we never left!

Looking forward to returning to visit again.... :)

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