Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wonderful time with my 2 brothers

Today Stephan and I met up with my brothers Isaac and Jacob for the first time since our wedding. It was really such an awesome time to spend quality time with them at Sakae Sushi at Wheelock Place. Stephan and I treated them - as a post birthday celebration for Jacob and a well-done for O-levels celebration for Isaac. Yup, this shows how belated it was.... But as we say, better late than never!

Really THANK God for bringing our meeting to pass, it has not been easy to get everybody together.... but its really amazing! We were able to talk about various family issues, catch up and even pray together before we parted ways. It has really been my heart's desire to meet up with my brothers and just to communicate on a face-to-face level. Even though we have the same parents, but what they are going through right now is very different from what my sister and I went through. Especially since they are the only ones living under the same roof as my Dad, I really wanted to be able to just spend time with them and connect with them.

Dear God, I pray that you will protect my brothers and be their Shephard through their lives. May they know you more as Lord of their lives and have a deeper and more intimate relationship with you as they grow older. Protect their hearts dear Lord and raise them up to be valiant men, David worshippers and never-say-die Nehemiahs. In Jesus name, Amen


JB said...

You are Christians cause you're a happy family o you're happy for being Christinas?

Congratulations anyway. Lord be with you.

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi jb

Thks for yr note. Care to introduce yrself? We have a personal relationship with God and He has shown Himself to faithful and powerful in so many instances in our lives. My family is far from peaceful or happy actually. Its only through knowing who Jesus is and God's character that my brothers and I can truly lead a sane and fulfilling life.

Regards Pris


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