Sunday, May 14, 2006

New appartment in Germany!

Forgot to share that God has already provided a place where Stephan and I will be staying in Germany. His cell group in Germany had been praying for us and looking out for a place for us. When his cluster leader got word that there was a vacant apartment in the vicinity where our cell group will be, she was like in full speed ahead to check out the place for us.

The rent is reasonable, the location is excellent and the apartment is in very good shape as it was recently renovated. Only thing is that we would need to start paying rent from the beginning of July instead of September. However, this additional 2 months of rent can be considered as sorta of replacement for commission for Agent's fee. Normally in Germany if we go through an agent to get a place from the beginning of Sept 2006, we would have to pay about 2 to 3 months of agent fees and also a safety deposit of maybe a few hundred euros which will only be refunded once we move out of the place. This place does not have any agent fees and safety deposit. We prayed about it and both of us felt that this place was really too good to be true....just beside the MRT, walking distance to his pastor's house and his cell group's house...and both of us just prayed that if God really wanted us to have the place, He would provide the money......And tata, the next day.... I had the extra cash in my bank! Amazing!

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