Saturday, May 13, 2006

God blew my mind!

I had such a HUGE blessing today and I can't even begin to comprehend how huge God is! Oh man..... When I first started YWAM, I prayed to ask to see God as Him as a provider (financially), basically because I felt that I had huge amount of loans to wipe off and so does Stephan - student loans I mean. We were basically ready to be in debt for the first few years of our marriage and that is one of the reasons why we would not want to have children until we are debt-free. And guess what????

Today, I received my portion of my late mother's CPF savings. We asked God for a specific sum of money so that we can be debt-free once we go back to Germany. God provided EXACTLY that! I can't believe it but He did! I really have no idea how it happened! Just went to withdraw some money from the ATM today and suddenly I gasped at my account balance! Then I thought it could be a mistake so I went home to check on the internet and true enough! It said 'CPF' and that was when I knew! Plus, since I didn't start paying back my Mom's CPF yet when I was working, the amount of $10K that I owed her is completely wiped off also! Its like beyond me, its a HUGE MIRACLE! Can't believe it honestly honestly. Plus, this is just the CPF, her will is not out yet. I do not want to make any money out of anything, but just to be debt-FREE! Its like such a huge huge loan off my shoulders!

God, I really want to testify of your AMAZING providence! Thanks so much Daddy for being such a HUGE amazing God! This is like the BIGGEST thing (after my marriage) that I have EVER gotten from you! AMEN AMEN! Please help me never to doubt you again!

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