Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cell transition

Today was the first time we had youth cell with Elaine..... We basically discussed spiritual goals for the cell and individuals at the new Jumbo. It is so amazing, cos just watching Elaine asking the cell 'kids' what are their expectations and how they have been, I just really had to soak in God's blessings! Remembered the time when I felt like I really had to step down already, but just didn't know who is available to take over the cell at such short notice. Ailing was encouraging me to pray about it and that was the only thing I did. God just did the rest! Elaine just came in so timely and she really has a wealth of experience in so many ways..... Really felt a load off my shoulders and I know that stability is what every cell needs, especially during their teenage years.

I'm so thankful to be part of the cell for so many years.... Of course I feel really sad knowing that my time with them is over, though I will still be around to sit in for cell and help out with Elaine.... I'm really letting them go into the safe hands of God. God has really blessed me with such an amazing and wonderful cell...... I would not have made a different decision about youth ministry if I had a chance to do it all over again... Thank you so much God that after all that struggling of not knowing what to do, YOU really proved yourself to be faithful and that YOU were already thinking of us even before we were praying about how to take the next step.

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