Tuesday, May 16, 2006

German exam... finally!

Had my german exam to get my certificate finally! Was so scared initally cos there is oral, listening and writing....the first two which I'm not very confident in. Anyways, God is good and it turned out not too bad in the end. I will not continue anymore, cos the courses are like per 3 semesters and each semester is like 10 weeks....so no point for me the start the next level. Its with a bit of sadness and happiness that I know I have come to end of the german class....Its been 30 weeks just to earn the 'start deutsch level 2' certificate and there has been so much time spent doing german homework and being tired in the evening classes..... Kinna feel like I'm starting to look forward to Germany more and more....though I'm becoming increasing aware that My time in Singapore is so limited..... 3 months and counting.......

Today, Stephan and I gave away a pretty significant sum of money from the inheritance I got from my Mom. It was the biggest sum I've ever given away and it felt kinna weird...to say smth like '...this is for you. Its from God...' But we know we did the right thing and even though we didn't really wat was the 'right' amount, we're glad that we gave anyways...... Pray God that You will keep helping us to be good stewards of what You have given to us.

Made breakfast for DTS classmates tomorrow, its gonna be tuna with crackers, plus fruit salad! (watermelon + grapes + pineapple) So glad I managed to cut a watermelon! Was like praying 'God, please help me to cut this without the watermelon rolling away... '

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